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What Ya Watching?

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What Ya Watching?

Why is it whenever you mention to someone you watch cartoons they look at you like you're crazy... especially when drawing cartoons happens to be your job?

5th May 2011


19 F
1 year ago #8964602      

I appreciate the new My Little Pony. I enjoy that it does have bluntly laid out morals that kids can learn, but also stuffs each episode full of comedy that any age can enjoy. The characters are over the top (as cartoons tend to be), but relatable.
And best of all the art style is amazing and unique. My favorite aspect is their faces. I enjoy the curve from the hairline that becomes the noes. And I also enjoy that it can be described as bright and colorful, but it's not (for lack of better words) in-your-face color. Rather than being Neon tones, they're passive pinks and purples, golds and reds, etc.

3 years ago #8378889      

I work at a diner, and I eat greasy burgers.
And people ask me why I do this....
Because I am going to eat food, and I get a discount at work.
Would you pass up a juicy burger and salty fries for less than 3 bucks?!

3 years ago #8325829      

I LOVE MLP! (Only the friendsip is magic one)

3 years ago #8320365      

I wanted to see my little pony at first on every Saturday morning but I ended up skipping it for yu-gi-oh zexal after the first episode...

3 years ago #8284082      

You aren't a Brony are you?

3 years ago #8263177      

@Hyperstar96 If you would go as low as to watch Dora the Explorer you should be more worried about your mental status right now than My Little Pony

3 years ago #8243441      

I'm okay with any... ANY... other cartoon. It can be Dora the Explorer for Christ's sake. Just NOT that gay, over-rated crap about ponies that's treated like a god.

3 years ago #8240426      


3 years ago #8186435      

I don't get people like that either. I'm sure they used to watch cartoons at some point in their life.

3 years ago #8184912      

Heh, too awesome. It's amazing how popular MLP turned out to be.

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