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What Friends Are For

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What Friends Are For

When I couldn’t sleep in my room, I made do with whatever I could get. Which unfortunately was the stairwell. Going from living on your own to living with 4 other people in one dorm was pretty shocking. Thank goodness for friends.

12th January 2011


3 years ago #8278832      

Do I smell an Emperor's New Groove reference?

3 years ago #8182990      

'Aww'-inspiring. *Ba-dum-tish*

3 years ago #8182706      

XD Poor you, and lucky you

3 years ago #8181705      

Lucky she was there for you :)

3 years ago #8181549      

Lucky she was there lol

3 years ago #8179358      

Yup, our friends are god when it comes to the emergency sleeping arrangements.

3 years ago #8179350      

That's a nice friend you had... :D

3 years ago #8179027      

isnt she your wife now in the future?

3 years ago #8178499      

Thank GOD for friends!

4 years ago #8174125      

when my roommate had guys staying overnight I would just hide under my covers with my laptop and headphones and pretend nothing was happening >-< thankfully the lights were always off when it happened

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