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US Customs

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US Customs

Returning to the USA was more frustrating and time consuming than leaving it.

The boarder patrolmen were extremely suspicious about my books, thinking they had been printed in the UK even though I repeatedly told them I brought them with me for a convention. The fact that I had some packs of Jaffa Cakes was also a huge concern because they might contain peanuts which would contaminate things, even though I bought them IN the lobby of the airport after going through security.

Overall it was awful. I felt like I was a criminal trying to escape, not a citizen trying to get back in.

21st June 2012

1 year ago #9018457      

Ugh... just working at an airport was bad enough... maybe I will cancel any thoughts of visiting other countries and just sit tight here... why are they so mean anyway? Are they underpaid or something?

2 years ago #8419313      

Have to chip in on this to say, don't try to get a boken out of Japan. U.S, they won't care. But boy, the Japanese customs go NUTS.

2 years ago #8415874      

I must say, I'm surprised. I was in USA four times already and never had something like that occured to me. I read other comments and it looks like I was lucky? And I'm not from USA.
Anyway it's better to be over-cautious. But at least they could be less rude sometimes. That's for sure.

2 years ago #8409934      

Try not being American and come into this country. I've been stopped by airport security twice, each one of those times making me waste 6+ hours after an exhausting trip.

2 years ago #8406852      

My parents have similar feelings towards USA airport security. They nearly lost their flight to Canada thanks to one of the security personel members. And when they returned, they broke their suitcases because they thought the chocolate pumpkins they'd brought for their grandchildren were... whatever they thought they were. I suppose that not all of them are like that, but seriously...

2 years ago #8406734      

This reminds me of when I came back from my trip to Central/Eastern Europe a few weeks back. The guy was nice, and kept asking if we brought back any meats or such, thought we didn't. (I'm not big on red meat, and it would probably spoil quickly in transit.) Though I forgot about my paprika Oh well...

@ Vercalos: The guard was probably cautious about where they were printed due to the volume of books and thought he was going to sell copies that the US doesn't get any of the spare money from. (Yeah, it's a flabby reason, but I've heard a lot like that)

2 years ago #8406627      

Why would they care where the books are from?

2 years ago #8406098      

well thats why I love it to be in austria, as I was flying to usa.. it was so horrible.. and strict.. i hated it..

2 years ago #8402078      

Ladies and gentlemen, here we can see the perfect example of a bad troll. This kid, impossible to be over the tender age of 15, can only come up with the most basic of insults, lacking the refinement of a proper Internet Troll. His vocabulary is usually fully formed by playing too much Call of Duty and Gears of War, which makes him feel manly. Most specimen happen to have a very tiny member, which is inversely proportionate to their amount of bullcrap they spew out.

2 years ago #8401795      

The reminds me of the time I was going home from Las Vegas. I had a half eaten jaw breaker in my bag. When they took it out, they questioned me as to why I had a bomb in my bag. I never knew bombs were the color of the rainbow. ._.

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