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Tutorial - Antialias and coloring

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Tutorial - Antialias and coloring

This goes into more detail about my coloring process and how I deal with paint program's natural tendency to apply anti-alias to my work.

In Photoshop you can deselect antialias for filling in your colors. I recommend always deselecting antialias whenever possible unless you're trying to make the edges smooth and blurry or shrinking the image for the internet.

As usual, any questions I will try to answer in the comments below.

1st March 2012


3 years ago #8330999      

what if you used a normal Windows Paint...that dont offer the nice things to help with the blur or any other ways. I' am an becoming anime artest...and i' am not doing so well with it...Could you may be very so nice and help a me out? i would love the tips from a someoneway better then me. ^^

3 years ago #8302083      

Thank you so much for this tutorial. Why have I never ever come across this bit of advice before? Scanning things, especially lineart has been hell for me since I first tried it out. I could never figure out how I was supposed to make the lines cleaner. It made me feel like a horrible artist because all the other drawing tutorials I've looked at left out this bit in their explanations and their lineart turned out immaculate.

3 years ago #8294731      

Hey, Andrew! Question; what color(s) do you usually use for skin colors?

3 years ago #8258751      

This has been one of the most useful tutorials in getting black and white line art instead of grayscale I've seen yet, and I've been looking for a while for a specific way of showing how it's done, instead of just the wall of text tutorial since I'm a very visual learner. So thank you! It was actually useful! *sarcasm* ;)

3 years ago #8220703      

Hey I was just wondering what options there are for the artists out there without a scanner. I haven't been able to afford new supplies in awhile and a scanner is out of my league. Right now I simply photograph my drawings and bring them into photoshop, and many times I must go back over my lines with the pen tool. Just wondering if there is a simpler and more effective way I could go about this.

3 years ago #8214963      

I like to just use the magic wand to select an area, then grow the selection by 3-4 pixels. I'm also coloring onto a layer underneath the ink layer, because layers are your friends.

3 years ago #8213399      

This is definitely an easier method than dropping the image into Inkscape and converting it to vectors, then exporting as a .png. I'll definitely have to try it on my next picture.


28 M
Admin Moderator
3 years ago #8213383      

@Alenonimo Thank you for the tip! I'll definitely try that out :)

3 years ago #8213158      

I've always used a program called Icon Craft to make both my comics and drawings. It gets a bit slow when you work with pictures bigger than 1000px, but I find it very useful anyway.

3 years ago #8213108      

Mr. Dobson, there is something that you must know about working with this kind of art.

When you want to resize your work, to avoid washing out the colors, you need to change the method of resizing to <strong>Bilinear</strong>. Bicubic is best for photos and, just like Anti-alias, it will mess up flat color artworks.

Just look at the "Magnification of the reduced size" and you'll see how the orange was messed up at the edges. Bilinear avoids that.

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