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Thoughts on 3D and Sports

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Thoughts on 3D and Sports

I like 3-D. I don’t know why so many people seem to complain about it so much recently. If you don’t like it, go see the 2-D version. It’s not like you’re being forced to see a movie in 3-D, nor do you HAVE to put down $1,000 for that new big screen 3-D TV that forces you to wear stupid glasses.

I hate sports. I hate football. I never understood it. I never will. And I hate how sports geeks frown upon regular geeks. I should be allowed to walk around the streets in my Star Trek uniform and not get funny looks the same way Sports fans are allowed to cosplay as their favorite athletes...

13th February 2011

7 months ago #9150749      

it's about time and place, you don't see idiots in jerseys and face paint walking to the groceries to get some milk, just like you don't expect some anime nerd to walk into the post office dressed like sailor moon
it's also about majority vote, there's more of them than us
and they're more confident, a lot of people who watch cartoons and all that do it to escape reality because they're too shy and quiet to fit in, the football dipshits are happy in this world with the football and all that, we're frowned upon because we're the weirdos who don't fit in with how the rest have made this world work

7 months ago #9144322      

I never watch 3D because dammit, I wear glasses (too squeamish for contacts). I'm not going to plop on cumbersome glasses over my glasses to see something I can already imagine.

1 year ago #8972243      

Actually I am forced to watch 3D movies. My boyfriend insists on always seeing it in 3D if possible. Yay for 3 more dollars to see it with slightly better graphics!

2 years ago #8511646      

I'd just give it time until regular geeks are allowed to be dismissed and not get strange looks for wearing their uniforms and cosplay down the street. Regular geeks shouldn't be afraid of getting weird looks for wearing your cosplay as you would any other outfit. If enough people do it regularly, like sports fans do, it might just get dismissed as, Oh, there's a fan of what ever anime/cartoon/game/movie/tv show/manga/etc.

Geeks, do not be afraid to show your inner geek. You may just find people with the same interests as you who've been hiding it all those years.

3 years ago #8322262      

I play sports. I don't watch them. Watching people play sports is like watching a friend play a video game. Pointless

3 years ago #8186408      

@Panda1996 So then I'm not the only one who sees it?

3 years ago #8186257      

Agreed. The last panel, for some reason, reminds me of Jhonen Vasquez.

3 years ago #8185777      

I don't know if you'll read this comment or take it seriously. But my dad says he likes sports because it's the only thing you actually see someone on tv for a brilliant, none cliche talent. Instead of only people who look good, present tv shows and singers. People actually get to show their own talent and become famous for their own talent.
I still hate sports, and even doing forms of sports myself, but in my dads viewpoint I can see why they can be looked up to. Watching someone being famous for their own talents, which the talent can varie on many levels instead of being clones of other people.

3 years ago #8185324      

The reason the startreck ethusiasm is frowned apon cause its boring and normal, sports enthusiasm is crazy and sometimes extreme

3 years ago #8184778      

i love sports but only playing the said sport. watching it is as boring as watching static on TV

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