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The Cake is NOT a Lie

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The Cake is NOT a Lie

I begrudge the people who seem to think making a point for comedic effect is tantamount to "strawman arguments" and feel the need to wave the title around haphazardly like a kid playing T-Ball.

"Definition of a Strawman Argument:
Person A has position X.
Person B disregards certain key points of X.
Person B instead presents the superficially similar position Y.
Person B attacks position Y, concluding that X is false/incorrect/flawed.”

Basically it means taking what someone says, throwing it out the window, and then arguing against an entirely different point to come out on top. Here's an example of it working: "If you are against the invasion of *random country*, you are a hippie!"

Not that there's anything actually WRONG with using a strawman argument for the purposes of joke telling, any more than there is using established tricks and traditions to tell an entertaining story. I just wish people would stop crying "foul!" because they think memorizing the database of gives them "special powers" they must bless upon the rest of us.

27th March 2012

12 months ago #9018467      

So that's where the cake is a lie came from and what it means... why didn't I think to look it up sooner? Guess I always wondered about it while afk... like when you remember to do something in the middle of the night when you can't do anything about it and forget again come morning.

1 year ago #9005046      

Like, in the game portal, you're put through tests by a computer that tells you there will be cake at the end. You don't get the cake at the end though...


16 F
2 years ago #8822923      

Am I the only one who never understod "the cake is a lie"? Can someone explain it to me?

2 years ago #8378776      

There's more to comedy than constant complaining.

3 years ago #8300052      

No punchline.

3 years ago #8297720      

@Gasoline I don't believe making a point is the same as proving an opinion.

3 years ago #8296303      

"It's hard to overstate my satisfaction."~

3 years ago #8276793      

123k3 what would be the fun of reading that

3 years ago #8266163      

The Cake is a Lye!

(so watch your language)

3 years ago #8265959      

Have you considered making comics about things other than arguments with people?

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