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Starving Artist

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Starving Artist

You know you’re a starving artist when you spray a baked potato with “Pam” because you’re too poor to buy butter. And yes this did happen to me...

1st January 2011

1 year ago #8952983      

still living with parents... not looking forwards to this :/ but anything to be an artist^_^ I love drawing

1 year ago #8902293      

woohh!! easy served

2 years ago #8384770      

I feel like sending you a package containing butter, salt, sour cream, bacon bits, green onions, cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing to use with said potato.

3 years ago #8253628      

i cant believe its not (idk i was trying to make a pun but i failed)

3 years ago #8185210      

It's cool

3 years ago #8185080      

Lol, I'm under 18, so I still live at home, so this isn't me... yet. Probably will be, I'm really only good at cats.

3 years ago #8184997      

loving the random bag of potatos, i love 'em

3 years ago #8184736      

Did it... did it really taste good?

3 years ago #8182939      

Not technically an artist, but I do have this happen to me. Meh, there's bread in the house, then I realize that I still have honey. And then the fat.

3 years ago #8182435      

Meh, I woulda cooked for ya!
/Working towards being a chef lul. <3

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