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Sleepy Sleepy Artist

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Sleepy Sleepy Artist

I hate sleeping. I can't help but think about all the things I could be doing rather than sleeping.

12th April 2012

8 months ago #9130434      

Ever since I picked up drawing, I've found that sleep becomes ever more of an annoyance. The same goes for writing too.


21 M
8 months ago #9121271      

Really hate it when that happens.

1 year ago #9018463      

This is why I never sleep. =p

1 year ago #9005050      

And we spend such a huge percentage of our time sleeping... Let's not forget all that time in the bathroom... Maybe put the desk at the toilet... Oops I dropped my pen in the bowl...!

2 years ago #8379725      

YES!!! Every TIME I nod off, I go to sleep thinking, "I'm DYING! And I'll have accomplished NOTHING before the end!"

2 years ago #8376715      

story of my life...tired and cannot work on ANYTHING artistic, ggo to bed, and then i cant sleep.
Im Nocturnal-it annoys my parents, I get home from school, crash on bed untill dinner, to school work, go to bed, and then stay up all/almost all night doing arty stuff.
Artists sleep indeed

3 years ago #8308783      

Haha, we're alike. I get so exhausted while I'm working, but when I lie down to sleep I can't stop thinking about my work! An artist's sleep indeed. :)

3 years ago #8298920      

This is why I crash on the couch for a few hours when I get home so i can be up most of the night.

3 years ago #8297705      

I always think stuff up when I'm about to sleep too! :P

3 years ago #8296315      

night time is think time!

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