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This is a real trick I learned from my professor in college. If you ever read a Marvel or DC comic and notice silhouetted panels, chances are the real reason behind them was because of deadline crunches.

8th May 2012

1 year ago #9018462      

ohhhh... *makes note*

3 years ago #8339724      

@Iamouchemasquee lazy* animation*
you're welcome

3 years ago #8333134      

I actually used this advice today. Saved me an hour and a half of work and looked great!

3 years ago #8330680      

Deadline crunch
Get some lunch
Drink the punch

lol, wtf am I doing. I really should go to bed...

3 years ago #8330665      

@lamouchemasquee : "Princes and princesses" was directed by Michel Ocelot. The director of "Kirikou" or "Azur & Asmar". ;)

3 years ago #8330563      

Wow! Cool! I feel like I learned something.

3 years ago #8329635      

@Fatman: sometimes though it really suits the style and it isn't made in a lasy way. I think about an anymation movie made exclusively in silhouettes! I think it's 'Princes and princesses' by a woman I forgot the name... It's made of cut out papers, only silhouettes!

3 years ago #8329347      

They sure are arty to a common viewers, but someone who has a bit more knowledge see them a bit lazy way to do things.

3 years ago #8329266      

@Svick: that's also another time-saving technique by the way...

3 years ago #8329042      

Two words: Screentone backgrounds. Another word: chibi.

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