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I never start out with the intention of pissing people off, but I’m often asked (when a particular artwork of mine is causing a stir online) why I even bother to post at all if it’s going to annoy people. The mindset being “if it’s going to upset someone, don’t do it.”

While that’s noble and all, it’s sort of a defeatist attitude and it’s technically impossible because of how multifaceted humans are. As I’ve come to discover, you can’t please everyone and haters gotta hate.

12th February 2011

1 year ago #9002992      

As I once said while driving down the interstate when I first got my license: Muwahahaha!!!

3 years ago #8378383      

Grant me the serenity to accept the fact there are haters out in the world, strength to plow through them, and the wisdom of how to dispose of the dead bodies when done.

3 years ago #8186388      

The single easiest way to get popular: Publicity from controversy

3 years ago #8185524      

Trolls! Here is the truth!

3 years ago #8183345      

I like this. Someone point the trolls towards this comic.

3 years ago #8182090      

Words of Wisom :D

3 years ago #8180401      

I like to piss people off with my drawings sometimes. It is INCREDIBLY enteratining.

3 years ago #8180283      

this comic reminds me of garfield

3 years ago #8180004      

Ha! One of the reasons I got into reading your comic and looked for them was because of your controversial and heated subject comics! A lot of the time I was severely irritated by the subject matter but was impressed at the same time. You make me think and I can dig it without flames. <3

3 years ago #8179877      

Again, good thing about being an unknown artist: Nobody gives two shits about my opinion. I could make a story about why pedophiles are awesome and not receive any crap.

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