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Q and A - Scanners and MLP

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Q and A - Scanners and MLP

I work traditionally. I draw all my comics on paper with pens and pencil before I use a scanner to digitize them. I've never liked drawing digitally and feel I just have much more control when I draw by hand.

And yes, I'm a "Brony."

3rd July 2012


21 M
8 months ago #9121263      

I seriously need to get a scanner.

1 year ago #9018456      

pencils and paper and scanner ftw!


16 F
2 years ago #8454975      

There's paint for his cutie mark. He doesn't paint. . . D:

2 years ago #8427360      

I also do that. It makes me easier to draw.


32 M
2 years ago #8423939      

I love working with my tablet.
But the appeal by drawing traditionally, to me would be the resistance and overall experience while drawing.
The little scratches the Nib makes when you Inkt. It's just good 'D@rN' fun!

Ever tried doodling by candle-light.

2 years ago #8422543      

Best. Pony. Ever.

Just clearing up the air about that one, no? XD

2 years ago #8421906      


That's probably the best line ever.

2 years ago #8421873      

Well for people who can't afford. Scanners are artist best friend.. but if you can afford, HD tablets and screen tabs (Cintque) well its just a case of practice.

2 years ago #8421340      

Once I get my fisrt quallity tablet (stupid genuis) I move almost completly to digital, Is not as practic as traditonal, but I like the fact that is cleaner and I have more flexibilty, but I still see the appeal in pen and paper.

I still haven't see a single episode of mlp, but people like you are a reason what I want to. I mean, the thing is more viral than any thing that youtube has done, and a huge part of his demographic are adults over 20, so I must watch to know what it have.

Great comic btw

PD: at the beggining I was tempted to say "I use to be a traditional drawer, but then I took a tablet to the PC", yeah is lame.

2 years ago #8420426      

brohoof XD

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