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Portfolio Day 15-finizheda

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Portfolio Day 15-finizheda

It’s finished! Yay!

As usual I would love to hear what you all think of this story. Here are my thoughts:

I wish people would wait till the end of the story before accusing me of things like “ignoring criticisms.” While I don’t mine fan speculation on the contents of my stories, I do mind when those speculations turn into accusations and people get pissy with me not realizing I had planned a storyline twist all along.

I’m not particularly happy with the artistry of this story. I felt it was a bit looser and not as refined as the Cleo story. Part of that has to do with the fact I’m working overtime on several important projects all at once and SYAC was kinda low on the list. Still, there are a lot more wonky artwork in this story and I feel bad about that. I’ll try to do better for the next story.

I liked the interaction with Tenko and Carl. I think if I ever do another story with them I won’t jump too much farther into the future. I want to spend time with Tenko while he’s still struggling before he goes off to college. I think I’ve successfully been able to transform Carl into a real character and I’d like to learn more about his story...

I’ve personally been to several portfolio days long before I was thinking about going to college. Like Tenko, my parents felt it would be a good idea for me to start early. I remember it always being rather unpleasant and boring, but not much else.

I mentioned this before but this storyline was not meant to be a “how to” guide, though some people seemed to think it was. Tenko’s portfolio is not at all how you should approach an actual portfolio day.

When building a portfolio it is important to include a variety of work to show that you are willing to learn. The professionals there want to see figure drawing studies, still life, life drawings, as well as more abstract things like cartoons and comics (only if you’re going into that field). Basically, show as many different talents as you possibly can, and make sure to pick pieces you feel exemplify your specific interests.

New SYAC strips will be going up again in a few days. I gotta get caught up on some of my other projects first. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say about this storyline.

3rd February 2012


21 M
8 months ago #9121265      

I love that coot! :D

1 year ago #8976860      

P.S. You should try asking Rich Berlew about the criticisms he gets over his comic (The Order of the Stick)

1 year ago #8976855      

Yea I think you've perfected Carl. Best yet most people (from what i see) who attempt a character like his end up with them over the top, or way to real life drama. I'd like to see a more Lighthearted but relevant to life type story with a character like his (when i say character i mean Gruff Grandpa-like mentor)

If i where to give any criticism of the piece i'd say that the main character (T) seems a bit flat. Even with Naturo's redeeming qualities, as a huge fan i'll even admit that his childish stubbornness and over-the-top-.....ness gets annoying. The point being if a character i like, in a comic i like is annoying for doing stuff like that, then you can imagine how i feel about a new character that so far has been mostly depicted as rebelling against the world. Probably my favorite part for his character has been that moment when he finally took Carl's advice (and hated that the guy had a point). This was over a year ago, so rather than hoping something will change a bit I'm going to hope that you are aware of this and are planning on giving him some screen time that doesnt involve him getting critiqued (and thus egging on his rebelliousness)

2 years ago #8412568      

humorous, depth, and you have to love the characters.

2 years ago #8409526      

Might be a little late to the party, but I have to say, I love Carl. Yes he's rough, but he really does care about seeing Tenko grow. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling reading this. :3

3 years ago #8198260      

Artwork..not too bad.

Decent storyline.

Too short?

3 years ago #8186291      

yeah your right andrew the art was a lot shittier this time but u gotta work.. we've all been there... lol..

3 years ago #8186221      

The story is awesome. I like how you show the perspective in some of those pages. And I enjoy the direction you placed for SYAC. This is really good and I always read your min pages from the past too. I enjoy this and I'm looking for to reading more that comes on this site.

3 years ago #8186163      

Despite,or perhaps rather because of his gruffness, Carl does show a great deal of concern for Tenko. I like just how blunt and straight forward he is with him all the while nudging him to his ultimate goal...even if Tenko doesn't like him that much. I like how Carl is developing and would love to learn about his back story as well. Tenko's pretty much transparent, but considering his characteristics, that's not a bad thing. Since you won't be jumping too far into the future with Tenko, I have a suggestion: What if Tenko were to get into a local convention (be it anime, comic or whatever) and he were to manage to get an artist's table. Let's say his art has somewhat improved, but it still needs more refining and he faces the harsh reality of being a comic artist first hand by dealing with the fanbases. If you find a way to fit Carl in here to add to his back story then by all means (I had an idea of how he could've been one of the original founders of Tenko's favorite series which inspired him to draw in the first place, but artistic licensing would be to your discretion here, not mine ^^; ) But I really think Tenko should have a Con experience, big or small.

3 years ago #8186154      

Love this story. I came back every day pumped to find out what was going to happen next!

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