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Portfolio Day 13-ooa112

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Portfolio Day 13-ooa112

Alright now we're wrapping it up...

The perspective in the first panel is wonky... sorry 'bout that.

30th January 2012

1 year ago #8976853      

The perspective in the first panel is wonky... sorry 'bout that."

See this is why i feel zero need to say anything but what i like with your comics. In my experience Writer/artists that are really trying are the meanest to their own work usually the first to point out any mistakes. I can see now (I think) what you mean by perspective in the first panel. But only after you pointed it out and i spent a few seconds studying it.

3 years ago #8186289      

oh boy here we gooooo @_@; what could the homework be..

3 years ago #8186062      

I love Tenko's reaction, I honestly didn't notice any error in the perspective in the first panel... but Carl's nose in the third panel seems all sorts of wrong to me.

I mean, in panel two it's a slight tip on the nose. In panel three it looks more like a witches nose. Other than that, love this page and the story line in general.

3 years ago #8185984      


3 years ago #8185982      

What homework!!!

3 years ago #8185981      

Carl's head is huge. 0_o

3 years ago #8185980      

I'm not sure at this point who's the larger ham; the old Tenko or Carl. Anyways, I love how huge he seems due to the wonky perspective.

3 years ago #8185977      

For people saying that all the other colleges aren't being fair on Tenko because they 'hate comic art', the whole point of a portfolio is to show off EVERYTHING that you can do with art, not just ONE area. They're doing what every college is supposed to do.

3 years ago #8185976      

I really wish I had a teacher like that. I'm in high school right now, and I can't take any art classes. That doesn't stop me from drawing all the time, but I wish I had some structure.
<3 Curmudgeonly Carl!

3 years ago #8185975      

3 years later:
weren't you that young man with the comic filled portfolio?

Carl reminds me of my dad in a way..

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