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Portfolio Day 04-hu5a1210

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Portfolio Day 04-hu5a1210

I guess I should clear this up as I see that Portfolio Day isn't a widely know thing.

Portfolio Day is a series of events spread over the country where art college representatives gather. Potential college bound hopefuls go to these events to get their portfolios critiqued. You can also compare and contrast various colleges and get a general idea of which ones you want to apply for.

Portfolio Day is a great event for finding out what areas you need to artistically improve on, and what colleges offer the programs you're interested in.

BTW: I think this tactic seen in this comic is called a "bait and switch"

12th January 2012


3 years ago #8320525      

Should have seen THAT coming...

3 years ago #8320502      

i wish they had this where i live...

3 years ago #8319080      

Well, I could see him picking out a pretty girl to go with him.

3 years ago #8185395      

Oh, portfolio day! Did that last year for the school I currently attend. Right after taking the SAT -__- The professors were cool though, so I didn't have a stress meltdown lol

3 years ago #8185389      

OMG It's CARL!!!

3 years ago #8185339      


3 years ago #8185337      

I couldn't help but burst out laughing when I saw Carl. It was such a "win" situation.

3 years ago #8185303      

The question is does Carl remember Tenko?

3 years ago #8185301      

I FRICKIN' LOVE CARL!!! Oh, the things he will have to say. What if Snow forgot to use his study of basic form that he learned from him last time? This is gonna be schweet...

3 years ago #8185300      

I should have seen that coming.

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