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Persistence of Vision Page 07-ha8811

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Persistence of Vision Page 07-ha8811

David is obviously the bearded one.

I like the bottom panel. It came out better than I expected. I did dislike having to put that text box right over the art in the bottom right corner.

By the way... what's her comic about?

7th November 2011

5 months ago #9185050      

I didn’t read the other comments, but it looks to me like her comic (in the bottom panel) is about a mega-brewery copper kettle that becomes sentient, grows tentacles and realizes that after 100 years, it is both an alcoholic and has allergies to several different grain glutens (proteins) that are used to brew beer.

Now it’s angry, and since it does run on steam, it’s looking to boil the heads of all the CEOs of major beer makers as well as tiny micro-brews (and steam a few lobster tails along the way, just because they’re tasty!).


16 F
2 years ago #8454901      

I see a lot of poeple from Scandinavia and he World here.
Hi fellow people!

Oh and the comic. . . I'm pretty sure people already posted great ideas :P

2 years ago #8396885      

The fu- this is not twilight!

3 years ago #8318903      

No really wow ahah lol ah hm wow Twilight. Ehem.

3 years ago #8183646      

She needs to pimp slap those tards...

Seriously, they're yaoi, gary-stu AND Twilight fans?

SHUN THE MISCREANTS! Next up, Justin Bieber reference?

3 years ago #8183645      

Ultrageous! The uke in yaoi couples must never have beard!! Not even this these two girls do right!!

Lol Seriously now, it's a shame many good storytelles get sidetracked from their work thanks to friends. Sometimes other people want to help, but don't care enough or just don't know how to do it. That's why I think the creator must be really careful about who exactly ask for advice. I had a problem like this, but with the oposite - my friends always wanted more blood and gore, less social interaction =P

Also, I think every young person with artistic ambitions in the world had a moment like Cleo is having - self doubt, unhelpful friends, etc. I cumpliment you for writing about this in such sensible way!

3 years ago #8183644      

I feel for Cleo :\ I had a friend who I showed all my stories to and they would say stuff like "Oh he should date him and you can make yaoi for them!" and I was all "No -_- I hate yaoi." and she would be all "I'm only trying to improve it so it will be read." and then I was sad but then I got a friend who's writing style and had some views on things and I show my stories to her and she like improves vocab, finds better ways to express what I'm trying to say, but she doesn't change what's going on ^_^ I luff her.

3 years ago #8183643      

So many angry people! She is only writing a comic! Ok, it is a damn shame Cleo doesn't have the confidence to go where she wants with the story, but she does at least have her own mind, which means sooner or later she is going to be absolutely fine by herself, either with or without these friends by her side. This is just a learning curve, albeit a tough one.

3 years ago #8183642      

I can't really sympathized with Cleo. she's doing all the changes without saying a word to her friends. of course they could turn back on her but it can be just misunderstanding - they are coming up with all the jokes they know and thinks Cleo is happy about it.. so they makes up even more of this kind. until she confess that she doesn't like these changes it's just sad.

3 years ago #8183641      

The main character (let us call him Steve for the moment) is living in an alternate dimension from Earth, where the timeline is almost the same up to the present, but the worlds are drastically different from there on. The evil demons/aliens/demon-aliens that created the giant robot in the last panel (which is EPIC) have forced the humans underground after a war lasting decades. There are groups of people that go from these underground havens and try to make a life on the surface, normally as bounty hunters taking out some of the larger and more menacing robots/mutants (i.e the dragon from page 4). Steve here has teamed up with David and some other bounty hunters-turned-heroes to try and take out the menacing overlords and claim the surface back for humanity.

....It's just an idea, here's hoping Jenny and Tara don't make it into a mess........

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