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Persistence of Vision Page 04-t4r4a10

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Persistence of Vision Page 04-t4r4a10

Here we get to see a bit of insight into Cleo's comic. I have nothing to say really other than I think the composition is interesting for this page. A little more unconventional of a layout for me.

1st November 2011

5 months ago #9185044      

Unconventional, perhaps - for you. But I think it is a good direction, since there is no single direction. Even Mr. Elder didn’t say S.A. had to be exact size boxes. You might find yourself some good ideas by looking at really outrageous magazines for people with far more money than brain (such as a Paris Hilton type family) and those who also make a few million, and at the end of the year have spent every dime of it.

Those magazines for people who will blow $10,000 on a watch will contain not just unconventional layouts for ads but for their feature stories as well. Squint until it blurs and scribble a base layout on a few you see that you like. You’ll start to see how even with borders, people like Mort Drucker made those opening pages on a movie parody fill a two page spread in interesting ways each time.

Just 2 cents to add, 3 years after you have already begun your quest.

3 years ago #8183442      

I wish i could draw but this is really awesome ^^

3 years ago #8183441      

She wishes she could write, I would love to be able to draw. We all have our own talents.

3 years ago #8183440      

The swordsman's torso is much too short. I don't know if I ever would have noticed if my mom didn't point it out one day, but females definitely have longer legs proportionally than males, and this male has female-proportional legs.

3 years ago #8183439      

I know you're not exactly a fan of manga, but this page really reminds me of one. The position of the swordsman is something we really see in japanese comic. I know western comics also use it, but I don't know who thought of it first. Even if it's originated in manga, I think this layout is something worth of being brought to all kinds of comics, in my opinion.

3 years ago #8183438      

sounds like me and my friends lol

3 years ago #8183437      

Reminds me of a gold master sword. Also, I don't see how he looks left handed.

3 years ago #8183435      

Unconventional but it works.

3 years ago #8183434      

A left handed swordsman? Cool. Though you should probably have the sword sheathed on the right side, not the left. I love his leg guards. Cleo's story is looking great! Sometimes an artist has an idea, but hasn't a clue of how to get it up off the ground until her/his friends start shooting ideas. That seems to be the way this is going. I look forward to the next page.

3 years ago #8183433      

The anatomy is a little off on the male figure; his body is a bit too short for the size of his head, his left leg is a bit longer than his right leg, the head isn't centered over the foot supporting his body weight so the entire figure looks a bit unbalanced, his legs aren't divided equally into halves (meaning his thighs are too short for his calves), his torso is extremely squashed compared to the total length of his legs, and his neck is bending to the left a little too far to look comfortable or natural. But I like the changed layout!

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