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No Pain No Gain

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No Pain No Gain

Before my trip to London my back had been acting up really bad. I was in constant pain at Minneapolis's MCBA Spring Con and one of the few things which cheered me up and helped me ignore it all was the generosity of my fans.

I got a lot of fanart and got to geek out with a lot of them, and one fan in particular gave me a tiny Fluttershy figurine. It's so cute! Thank you!

5th June 2012


21 M
8 months ago #9121273      

I just can't totally understand brony's at times. But Discord fans on the other hand. CB>

1 year ago #8917537      

I'd prefer a Vinyl Scratch. She's awesome. Fluttershy is cute, though.

2 years ago #8415542      

So adorable! Was it handmade? OwO

2 years ago #8378299      

@ShadowStorm Thats what Fluttershy is trying to do. That's the punchline.

2 years ago #8377302      

Fluttershy makes everything better. :'D

2 years ago #8377040      

holy hell hes a brony run away

3 years ago #8375197      

You and I share the same favorite pony. This makes me a happy colt. now I must ask is it the blind bag figure or is it more like a custom flutter shy?

Btw my figure rests on my E-piano, he hooves always guiding my music lol.


28 M
Admin Moderator
3 years ago #8375189      

@Hyperstar96 What's insulting about being gay?

3 years ago #8375021      

That's insulting... that means they assumed you were gay.

3 years ago #8374948      


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