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"yeah, thanks for insulting my chosen profession because of your close-mindedness!"

I hate, hate, HATE this. This is probably the second most popular response to me telling people I’m a cartoonist. After going into a lengthy explanation of my talents, education, loves, and influences the person I’m talking to just dismisses it all as kiddy crap. It’s people like that who are keeping animation/comics from becoming the true art form it’s meant to be. It’s also incredibly rude and insensitive to be so dismissive with a person you’re speaking with, even if it’s a subject you have no interest in. I have to feign interest in sports when talking to them, so there’s no reason they can’t feign an interest in cartoons.

BTW: this tends to happen more with co-workers or random people I meet off the streets than people at comic conventions...

3rd February 2011

1 year ago #9002986      

Having worked in retail I know what that dismissive response feels like. Obviously retail isn't a real job or anything.

I really dig your comic. Adults who don't like cartoons are sad soulless husks.

3 years ago #8378368      

Ten bucks says the guy has a dead end job, no friends, and no real life doing anything worthwhile or constructive!

3 years ago #8186382      

I get this all the time... And what's funny is that the people who proof my comics (which I'm still trying to get published) make me put an "M for Mature" warning on them to avoid legal issues.
Although, the one time this kind of thing really hit home was when my own boyfriend told me I'd "never get anywhere with it because anime and comics and all that bull is for little kids". We weren't together long.

3 years ago #8184427      

Whoa, you understand politeness! Most(although I'd love to say everyone.) people don't. You could be talking to someone, and while you're talking, they will literally TURN their head in disinterest and start talking to someone else, OR just interrupt you with some random comment that has nothing to do with what you just said. It's as if every human on this planet is a self-centered dick. NO ONE cares about your opinion these days.

3 years ago #8182716      


3 years ago #8182026      

family guy andthe simpsons are for adults, even [adult swim].

3 years ago #8181269      

What is my step-dad's personality doing in this comic? I was drawing a "pin-up" girl one time for some friends and he happened to spot it. His reaction was more "offended" than "oh cool." He's been doing this to me all my life mind you.

p.s. he's also a major sports fan...

3 years ago #8181056      

it is not kids crap cartoons are one of the best parts of my life along with drawing and music

3 years ago #8180863      

Yep. This annoys me a lot.

3 years ago #8180331      

When I was a kid I wanted to be a cartoonist, so you being one is just amazing and awesome. :) Cartoons are very important and I love your comic. I would have yelled at that guy and told him to go watch some cartoons and learn some manners.

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