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The moral of the story? Get an F in school.

18th April 2012


3 years ago #8321937      

yay so true

3 years ago #8300371      

is it cause you were 3 months late?

3 years ago #8300038      

Hey no shit.

3 years ago #8299155      

That's right people! Schools are not in the real world!

3 years ago #8298988      

What school did you go to? We only get half credit for late assignments... If we are lucky. One day late = half credit. 2 days late = no credit or less than half if you have a nice teacher...

3 years ago #8298946      

I'm a senior in high school and I'm ready to get beaten around a little in the "real world." I know losing a part-time job or whatever will suck, but it beats 13 years of school filled with actions without real consequence. At least I'll know I'm alive!

3 years ago #8298606      

Schools always say they're "preparing you for survival in life", but it's not like in real life, you won't be allowed to use calculators or look up a resource

3 years ago #8298233      

My school flunked the entire year for you if you didn't hand in a book project on time...

3 years ago #8297935      

Ah yes, but in the real world requirements and deadlines can change on a whim from higher ups, and if proper precautions aren't made you can be fired without compensation.

It's interesting when you look back on it.


25 F
3 years ago #8297934      

D: No, not fired! (;n;)

And my teacher was way to scary to disobey ^^;

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