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This is a series I call “So You’re a Cartoonist?” which deals with all of the typical questions or remarks I receive whenever I tell people that I draw cartoons for a living.

I hate being interrupted when I’m working because I can never seem to be able to jump right back into what I was doing. Usually this is more or less a problem when I’m about to go to bed, but it happens sometimes if I am interrupted in the middle of working too. For this reason I keep notes always on hand and write down ideas for pictures, jokes, expressions, plot points, etc on anything that’s available around me... just in case...

1st March 2011

29 days ago #9248075      

This happens to me all the time when I'm writing stories

5 months ago #9150764      

i usually go into imagination land when I'm in the car or when i'm pacing

12 months ago #9003003      

Oh post it notes are wonderful... Now where did I put them?...

2 years ago #8378323      

This is why when I am interrupted, my response is "This had better be important"

2 years ago #8373597      

My way of avoiding such is to write down the story first. It also helps on the creativity.

3 years ago #8320630      

I HATE when that happens... and having three younger siblings, it can be frequent at times.

3 years ago #8317277      

It takes a person up to 1/2 an hour to regain concentration after being interrupted.

3 years ago #8197979      

I don't have to worry about that, I use to until people realized I went from quiet and relatively polite to turning into a cat that just had water thrown on it if they interrupted me when I was "in the zone". (I always apologize afterwards for my moment of evil)

3 years ago #8185783      

sdfghj Oh boy I hate it when that happens.

3 years ago #8185662      


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