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Inconvenienced 3

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Inconvenienced 3

My printer did this to me. Evil greedy printer is evil.

22nd June 2011

1 year ago #9004036      

Friends don't let friends buy all-in-ones!

2 years ago #8553386      

EXACTLY what our printer does. Won't even scan when low on ink........ I was very upset when that message popped up. I understand your pain. D:

2 years ago #8378864      

This is why I do my art in gel pens.
The pens last forever practically, then I scan and done!

3 years ago #8324629      

'Bout choked on the ice I was chewing (oral fixation -__-') this is SO FUNNY! I love this comic.

3 years ago #8253714      

my computer just plain has no cartrages yet it alows me to print and scan but again i have no cartrages so i cant print its lexmark from 3 years ago

3 years ago #8185866      

I just discovered this comic today and it heals a little of my angered soul as this exact thing occurred to me YESTERDAY. I live in the boonies of Northern New Mexico so there is no nearby store for the stupid ink. It threw me into a fit of rage that had me swearing and drinking, I nearly tossed the silly machine off my balcony. Glad to know I'm not alone.

3 years ago #8184854      

Dude, these company live on our blood! They are vampires! And lets face it, we're helpless without -_-

At least if we want do live as artists/writers. I was printing a 500 pages Manuscript and that f****g bastard stopped somewhere around the middle because red was empty. RED! And he didn't care to think of it for the first 250 pages -_-*

3 years ago #8183784      

My printer takes 5 hours to scan one drawing, if it actually will work.

3 years ago #8183580      

Lazer printer baby. NEVER runs out. Okay, not never. But not nearly as often as Inkjets.

3 years ago #8182934      

Printers are dirty little bastards.

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