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Facial Expressions

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Facial Expressions

Whenever I get really into drawing, I tend to mimic the faces of the character's I'm drawing. It can lead to some surreal moments for people watching me...

12th May 2011

3 months ago #9199406      

yeah, I can see how this would get surreal to anyone watching you work. Some might even think you have an extreme case of bipolar disorder.

1 year ago #8972287

Relevant link is relevant.

1 year ago #8908693      

I do the same thing ;u;

2 years ago #8553381      

My roommate makes fun of me when I make faces at my drawings! She thinks it's hilarious, but I can't help it...

2 years ago #8435720      

I'm not so in anime, but... this is scene from Lucky Star.

2 years ago #8378881      

My expressions are always either that of deep thought or annoyance. My dad constantly asks why I look like a monkey doing a math problem. Hence the annoyed :)

2 years ago #8371612      

Hahaha, happens a lot. People tend to ask me why I pull funny faces xD

2 years ago #8332805      

I do this all the time. I always get self-conscious drawing in class xD

2 years ago #8329335      

i do too!!! :D

3 years ago #8324561      

I do that when I'm reading, if I really get into the character's head I start making the face I think they would, it's hilarious but sometimes embarrassing. Especially at school. XD

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