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I’ve become fascinated by FaceBook, not so much because it’s a social website, but because of the people who want to add you as a friend. Most of the time it’s people I barely remember in high school, or they’re from before kindergarten. I don’t remember who some of them are, but then there are others who I remember all too well. They might not remember what they use to do to me in school, but I sure do...

14th January 2011

2 months ago #9249859      

because no one deserves a second chance

1 year ago #9002984      

It's even worse when your psycho aunt's children try to friend you.

1 year ago #8925672      

What if he regrets being a dick and wants to tell you how sorry he is? I was nice to most people in school but there was one kid I picked on. Graduation was 30 years ago. I have wanted for a long time to tell him how sorry I am at treating him badly, but no one knows where he is or how to get hold of him. He's probably either dead or reclusive, and I could be at least partly to blame...for either of those things.

2 years ago #8385660      

relate..thos epeople suck.
I add them as friends only so that I can keep track of the latest bullsh*t they are sprouting...
and then, I rountinely troll and insult them...but as Im the "sweet, innocent, could-hurt-a-fly" girl, who was also (and still sometimes am) favourite blly target, the people Ive trolled never apply thier tiny brians enought to see the insult

3 years ago #8322224      

Some idiot tried to friend me after he was an ass to me for years. I did, to see what he wanted, and he said he wanted me to hack some kid's account the next week. I asked him about it in school, and he said "What? Nerds like you know how to do that kind of thing right? And, why not do it for your only friend? You might even be popular after this!"
I tripped him from the back of his knees and pushed my knee into his back. I said "Even if I knew how, I would never help a b*****d like you!" I kicked him and said “And never, EVER, say anything about me again, ok!“ I then just walked away. No one really did much to me after that.

3 years ago #8294260      

I can relate all to well....heh, the difrance is I accepteed the request, then I comment on their wall saying 'I had a 'great time' last night'.....and when they deny it I act all pissed off flaming them and going 'F' you, I was lieing you were a horrible lay'....I add on to these comments daily 'recalling' little bits that 'sucked' till they unfriend me....its kinda fun ^.^.

3 years ago #8186407      

I got bullied a ton in elementary school. When I friended my old bff, all of a sudden everybody from that school remembered and loved me - even the "Prissy 3" and the Siler Siblings, who caused me more torment and agony than any of the other kids combined. They were all like "friend request?" and I was all like "uh, NO".

3 years ago #8186060      

I had one of the people that use to pick on me want to friend me. Like I was bullied a lot so he sends me an invite, "Hey I remember you! You were the kid that was always angry for no reason"

I was like wait getting tortured by your peers is no reason?

3 years ago #8185247      

been in the same situation before. but the best part is i added them as a friend just to throw him off. then when i was nice and caring he felt pressured and eventually disadded me as a friend on facebook. good times, good times.

3 years ago #8185089      

(sigh) oh how many times one annoying kid would treat me like a slave , he could not take a drop of his own medicine , yet he would claim to be my "friend" to everyone at school

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