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Draw Me

I get this ALL the time. Without fail this is one of the MOST asked questions I get when I tell people I’m a cartoonist. “Can you draw me?” Well, yeah I can... but it’s very time consuming, difficult for me to do, and isn’t something I can just whip up on a moment’s notice. What’s worse is that NOBODY understands why I can’t do it on a whim. When you meet an architect do you give them a giant blue-print and say “design me a building” just to see them work?

As an added bonus of irony, I designed the guy asking to be drawn to look very simplistic, generic, and easy to draw.

2nd February 2011

1 year ago #8925821      

People think drawing is just like doodling except artists are just better at it. They don't realize the amount of intense concentration and mental energy artists apply. They don't know about the frustration artists feel about having to keep fixing mistakes and never getting it just the way they want it. They don't understand the pain and effort involved, or they wouldn't ask for a free drawing.

3 years ago #8371500      

Reminds me of that person who had a daily request for me.

3 years ago #8185091      

everyone in my class would ask me to draw them , in art class they would try to get me to do all of their work

3 years ago #8184335      

Sooooo true!

3 years ago #8183376      

Haha XD I am just learning to draw but I still get this sometimes...

3 years ago #8182715      

That's actually happened to died down now, but you know XD

3 years ago #8182590      

This kind of reminds me of my friend's brother who looks down on artists because he is a physics student. The thing with physics is that. unlike art, you CAN turn it on and off like a switch as it is mathematically driven which will yield the same results every time. Even if you draw the same character in the same way it will still be different each time.

3 years ago #8182297      

I get that alot. I tell them to bug off.

3 years ago #8182056      

I am trying to be a writer, and when i tell people about a new idea for a book they said to me Can you put me in your book?
Yes is can, but is a little bit difficult, people dont understand that

3 years ago #8181955      

i sooo get that

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