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Curmudgeonly Carl

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Curmudgeonly Carl

Curmudgeonly Carl make his debut.

20th July 2011


21 M
7 months ago #9121268      

Remind's me of my animation teacher. XD

2 years ago #8417992      

Haha, those faces.

3 years ago #8186433      


3 years ago #8185401      

lol reminds me of a professor named Martyka who's been at my school since the dawn of time, or so it's rumored. Except less crazy. WAY less crazy. Our dude keeps tons of crap in his car because he thinks the nuclear plant is gonna blow up someday and has a snake skin nailed over the door of his office >__>

3 years ago #8185047      

I like that dude! He's so technical! :)

3 years ago #8183287      

that is sooo true... :D

3 years ago #8182776      

...Heh heh heh...I like Carl~

3 years ago #8182117      

He has very sharp nails....and he sorta scares me! But his name makes up for it, i aprove! :)

3 years ago #8181508      

Somehow, I think he should be drooling. A LOT.

3 years ago #8181505      

I REFUSE! But pencil and pen are fine.

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