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Topic: What's on your mind? No 67! 4 minutes ago #9235494      

I got my laptop back :happy: !!!


21 M
Topic: What's on your mind? No 67! 5 minutes ago #9235493      

IT-class, learning useful stuff, like how the keyboard works.

Topic: Boobs! (NSFW) 9 minutes ago #9235492      

Not a clue man, sorry!
Such patriotism :XD:
Yeah, I think it's just cause we both talk a lot. I talk to most people nowadays :P

You get into fights? Whaaaat :stare:

How to house break your pup 24 minutes ago #9235491      

Wow, that's some work. If I may, I'll stick to cats :D

Topic: Who am I? #2 24 minutes ago #9235490      



Topic: Ask about Russia (part 2) 38 minutes ago #9235488      

So the name differences are only given to show how the land was historically acquired?


36 M
Topic: Ask about Russia (part 2) 42 minutes ago #9235487      

@MeddlingAmerican #9235485
None of that. Oblast and republic are pronounced equal in their status. Republics are national states (article 5 of the Constitution), have constitutions and some nation-related benefits like another state language together with Russian, they were mostly created from 1919 to 1940s. Oblast and kray are territorial units.


24 F
Topic: Who am I? #2 1 hour ago #9235486      

Are you that Musa Mansa dude?

Topic: Ask about Russia (part 2) 1 hour ago #9235485      

Yes, I was speaking of the modern day Russian Federation and wondering if it had any lands it held as the equivalent of say for example USA's Puerto Rico. I then saw the description of the Russian Federations Republics and thought they might be the same and the Oblasts would be the equivalent of the USA's states.

Topic: Your daily moral dilemmas (mine is NSFW) 2 hours ago #9235484      

I lost even more faith in humanity due to this whole celebrity photo leak thing because I sympathise with the people whose pictures were released and it didn't even cross my mind to look for those pictures online. It disgusts me that some people thought that it was okay to take a look at them - it was morals vs. a "curiosity satisfied / a momentary release" thing and some people chose to satisfy their curiosity over their morals which I find frustrating. The people in those photos must feel horrible right now and I think that anyone who used the opportunity and took pleasure in their nightmare in any form should feel guilty and ashamed.

So perhaps my moral dilemma is that I judge people who compromise their values without a really good reason.


999 F
Topic: Who am I? #2 2 hours ago #9235483      

Are you of Songhay heritage?

Topic: Who am I? #2 2 hours ago #9235482      

Okay i'll give a tip, because this is a hard one: I was bornn in the area that is today Mauritania, but i probobly identify myself with a people that live in modern day Mali.

Eurovision Song Contest 2 hours ago #9235481      

The reaction of the US is both accurate and hilarious!

Topic: A question about Medical Transportation 2 hours ago #9235480      

One of my parents' elderly friends has cancer and she has to go to Turku to southern Finland by taxi regularly to get treatment. The taxi drive takes about 5 hours, but she never has to pay for it because Kela takes care of it all.

I Need Mountains 2 hours ago #9235479      

As someone who lives in the Midwestern US, the stereotype of us is pretty accurate. Kinda sad image of us, but pretty accurate nonetheless.


27 F
Topic: Boobs! (NSFW) 2 hours ago #9235478      

Psh, good luck stalking me from across the ocean, bro! :p

Perfect Creature 2 hours ago #9235477      

@katfairy hnnnnngh corgi are adorable especially when trying to run up and down stairs


36 M
Topic: Ask about Russia (part 2) 2 hours ago #9235476      

@MeddlingAmerican #9235320
There was nothing like national republics in Russian Empire which was divided into "gubernii" - "governments" run by assigned governors. National republics within Russia proper are the result of Soviet times (I assume we are not talking about former soviet republics other than Russian Federation).

Topic: Food Flags 2 hours ago #9235475      





24 F
Topic: Your daily moral dilemmas (mine is NSFW) 3 hours ago #9235474      

@Jacob #9235428
Write about how you feel without being mean or sarcastic. Your teacher (if she's a smart woman) won't get mat at you if you do so.

(that is a big IF)

Topic: Boobs! (NSFW) 3 hours ago #9235473      

I am both guy and girl stuck in a female body. About 55/45 guy to girl. Does that help?

Topic: Proudswede chat 10 3 hours ago #9235472      

@Filipa hmm


24 F
Topic: Proudswede chat 10 3 hours ago #9235471      

@ProudSwede #9235466
Yes, if you're blowing too hard and/or if your nose is sensitive for a particular seasonal reason. I can also be because of high blood pressure, or cuts from picking your nose too much (just kidding =P).


24 F
Topic: Who am I? #2 3 hours ago #9235470      

Are you from Mali?


24 F
Topic: @Filipa 3 hours ago #9235469      

Thank you! =D

Merry Christmas 2013 3 hours ago #9235468 mean to tell me setting it on fire isn't normal?...but it's sooo cool and yummy!


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Topic: Your daily moral dilemmas (mine is NSFW) 3 hours ago #9235467      

@grotesQromance I still don't understand.

Topic: Proudswede chat 10 3 hours ago #9235466      

every time i blow my nose, there comes blood. Is this normal?

Topic: Dear (blank) (Fake Letters) 3 hours ago #9235465      

Of course, but I think the parents are being overly ignorant.

Topic: Make your own kimcheeeee! 3 hours ago #9235464      


This Aventree cafe looks just like a Korean cafe :D how are their drinks? Koreans usually hang out at cafes a lot, because it is uncommon to invite people to their homes unless they're really good friends.

Indonesian food is really unknown here. Usually Thai and Vietnamese restaurants have some nasi goreng types of rice dishes, but so far I have 't seen an Indonesian restaurant...

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