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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 1 minute ago #9264719      

@Bopnan i dont have that, silly *hugs*


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 3 minutes ago #9264718      

@ProudSwede #9264717
Hmmmm... ... ... ... ... Sauce?


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 7 minutes ago #9264717      

@Bopnan *hugs* bluuh

What should i eat for dinner? I wanna eat something thst goes well with my mozzarellas


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 9 minutes ago #9264716      

@ProudSwede #9264714
Try to walk a little.


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Topic: What's on your mind 73 11 minutes ago #9264715      

If Avast would scan faster...
Yeah yeah, I'm literally scanning the whole PC, but COME ON!!! >.<


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 14 minutes ago #9264714      

@Bopnan *hugs* oh okay

No, i dont think so. Ive pinched it a little cause massaging it felt weire and its really difficult ro say if its back or not

The monster lurks in the dark 15 minutes ago #9264713      

@ArcticAC i finally managed to find time to read and answer your message from 6 days ago, and the ofther tank messages since then.

and yes, its those little finnish modifications to those captured vehicles that I am looking for. I know it sounds pretty argurus, but I f***ing love finland in ww2, so anything I discover there is worth it.

when I said "super bunker" I meant submarine pen 3. it took ages to construct, and therefore took up loads of german time and resources,and enough eat up supplies for germany's great sea wall. omaha beach only had 3 hours worth of ammo. I still think things would have went better if they used the british d-day tanks, and if they knew how close to move to the beach to deploy the amphibious shermans. they were nowhere near organised enough either. this was like what would have happened if there were mg42s in ww1. the gun ships should have shot those bunkers. I forgotten why they didnt, maybe there was mist. anyway, the yanks had no idea what they were doing, and were not organised enough. they just looked at our tanks and turned away calling them "just more eccentric british designs". well excuse me, but the worlds first tanks were "eccentric british designs" too, and they changed the arts or war forever!

even if the allies didnt need those british tanks everywhere, they could still have saved a lot of lives. the tanks worked well enough on Sword beach didn't they.

"Yes the German Ardennes offensive (battle of the bulge) was a bit of a setback. You must remember that 80% of German military power was aimed towards the east, once they got a foothold in France the Allies where just never going to lose, the only thing they needed to do was keep the offensive going so they could take as much as possible before the Ruskies got there."

well im not really talking about the allies suddenly loosing, i'm talking about minimising casualties here. but yeah, I forgot about the race between the USSR and the west. if only the west managed to get to poland, hungary and czechoslovakia. but i don't hear enough about this race, so my knowledge here is little sketchy. anyway, I kind of find it funny how the east and west managed to get to the middle of berlin at the same time. you absolutely sure it was a race? could the west have got poland back? why didn't they get it from staling? I was sure it was coz they didnt want a ww3 or something.

also, I know about how the u.s built stuff for their allies, but im talking about british stuff here. surely there would have been something they wanted to produce for themselves or allies. I mean just look at all the neat stuff from the U.K.

Also, the same question has occurred to me about russian stuff too. I cant believe that the west couldn't be bothered to build and use JS2s and T-34/85s for themselves.

"Also, every soldier you add to your army soaks up resources (he needs equipment, food, ammo, logistics) you don't want to be short on soldiers, but the more you have the more expensive the entire thing becomes to maintain. In addition, once the war is over soldiers start coming home. Usually their regular jobs have been filled by then so you need to find them something else to do, the more soldiers you have coming home the bigger this problem is. The US had 15 million men serving by the end (if I remember correctly), people who need to be discharged and put to work, that was a problem as it was, no need to make it 20 or 25 million."

incase this is an answer to me asking about saving lives with armour, isn't it even more costly to lose men, and then have to replace them?

also "Yes the Finnish T-28 had Appliqué armour added on, if you look at the pictures you can see the areas it used to be fastened (it's been removed).
you mean the finns did it differently to how the russians added armour? did they use better armour then, or just attatch it differently?

"That looks like a 76, not an 85, in which case I'd suspect the commanders cuppola to be german, it could however have been added by the Soviets aswell so its difficult to say."

yeah I meant the t-34/76. so you mean its a german modification, of which 3 were exported to finland then?

the finnish t-34/85 is the one with the bolted gun-ring on the turret front. Im trying to finf out how many were converted like this. maybe just one, but I want to be sure.

im lacking confidence in W.O.T delivering capabilities cos all the good thanks are premiums and in the wrong damn trees (look and the s-35 and czech heavy tank), and they said something about all the polish tanks ending up as premiums too. they got enough for a whole damn tree, and they cant even try to built half a tree, like with hungary for example.
but yeah, ill wait and see. i hope they consider all those super TP designs. the tp25 and stuff. theres also a better version of the 25TPinz design. there are also polish models of the t-34/85.

yeah i wanna see the RAT on w.o.t. you ever seen the videos of what would happen if it showed up? it can only move across streets if it can knock all the houses down lol.

ever heard of the german "kogle" tank? it was a ball-shaped tank with an MG mounted. it was pretty small too. If you speak danish, you can guess just by hearing the name, and I know well that you know danish if your from norway.

also, I forgotten the name of that mad british firework wheel. you light it up, and it just rolls to storm forward. the allies considered it too "uncontrollable", no wonder really. it fell over a lot too. I think that should have also been a "kugle" to prevent this.

Topic: Why have a cupcake when you can have a cupake. 17 minutes ago #9264712      

she's just spoopy

Topic: Why have a cupcake when you can have a cupake. 18 minutes ago #9264711      

Yeah she's adorable in my view. :3


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Only the most necessary 19 minutes ago #9264710      

I thought this was going to be about healthcare :P

The monster lurks in the dark 22 minutes ago #9264709      

@MarcusZMonkey "Also, why didn’t the U.S produce british stuff for Britain then"

I'll just repost this

Isn't it easier to just produce 1 tank compared to 15? 1 plane compared to 15? and so on. Why produce british stuff that you won't use yourself, when you can produce 1 tank for everyone?

Should the Americans (by your example) produce T 34s/KV 1s and LA 5s for the Soviets?

It's simple rationalle, 1 tank produced in 15 factories will mean that the production won't grind to a halt if one factory is down. Now if you got 15 tanks produced in 15 factories, one tank is completley out of production when one factory fails.

Besides, you produce YOUR tanks in a war no matter who's the end user. If britain or the USSR had (however unbelivable) fallen, the tanks earmarked for Britain/USSR could simply be put to service in american units. And you've promptly eliminated a potential logistical nightmare.

And of course the cited problems I've mentioned earlier with refitting factories. The benefit of sharing logistics with your allies.. etc. etc. etc...

France was lost because their defence strategy was stuck back in 1914, and they didn't care to study the effects of new and improved weapons in Spain for example. This is also why the USSR lost so much initially. And Britain should be happy they could just sit on the other side of a ocean and taunt the Reich...

You don't win a war with the best tanks, aircrafts, boats and so on.. I think I've said it before, but the best leader leading the worst soldiers will achieve more than the worst leader leading the best soldiers.

"What ideological reasons?"

It was mostly a joke. Remember talking to a Frenchmen, who rather wittinhgly said, that France swore that the Germans would never ever again march down the streets of paris. However they actually got to do just that (can't remeber the exact date, but it was something like 10-20 years ago) Naturally there were a lot of protests.

However when the britts got the chance to march with the french in paris, the protests were even bigger and louder! :P It's just what I've heard though.

"But judging from what I seen so far, the firefly was the first Sherman capable of fighting the tigers."

When Firefly came about there were already Hellcats, and M10 wolverine which could also atleast mission kill Tigers and Panthers with relative ease. And Jacksons appeared 3 months post 6th of june.

"Early shermans aren’t as good as panzer 4s"

Early shermans were just as good if not better than the standard pz 4 (A-F1 model) at the time. Only with the Aufs G and H the Pz 4 had a advantage in tank to tank combat over any base Sherman, as long as it gets the first shot.
Shermans could knock the Pz 4s even up to H model out in return anyway. (J model of Pz IV is inferior to H model).

"So you mean the smooth bore is best for high explosive shells with Finns on them, and rifles barrels are better for armour piercing rounds? Well ok, but if armour piercing rounds and rifled tank barrels are becoming out-dated then what’s going to happen to the art of tank V.S tank combat??? D= "

The EXACT opposite of what you said. The rifled Cannons are better at destroying buildings and fortifications thanks to HESH. They are worse with HEAT and worse with Finstabilsed Sabots (Kinetic penetrators)

Basically Britain and India are using Swiss army knife cannons. While everyone else is using tank hunter cannons (that can still multirole if needed).

"Why don’t they just mount an armoured compartment on the back of the turret? Or change it with a new turret? Wait, where is the ammo stored? "

If it was that easy, I doubt that the british goverment would have been so reluctant to upgrade. Crew safety is a big thing too, you'd want some form of safe storage of the ammo and such.

“The Russians are performing siege on Warsaw, and Chally2s are underperforming...”

Maybe the Russian just took a break? //poor joke..

It was a potential future scenario, one that I don't find that likley either. I was merely saying that as long as there are no imminent need for "fixing" the Chally 2, the British goverment won't "fix" it either. It's "good enough".


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 22 minutes ago #9264708      

@ProudSwede #9264706
Obviously it doesn't include me. And several other people too. But we have to do it anyways.

Have you been sitting on a weird position? Try to massage it a bit.


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Only the most necessary 25 minutes ago #9264707      

community pools often serve two purposes in places where the weather is extreme enough: in the winter, they can be converted into ice rinks. or so I hear (never gets cold enough here)


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 25 minutes ago #9264706      

@Bopnan *hugs* oh o-o but youre awesome at english

um cant feel a part of my calf >-> is that bad..i hope it wakes up soon cause it feels weird

Only the most necessary 30 minutes ago #9264705      

Oh totally! Yea, lots of people have pools in the sunbelt states but I don't really see the appeal, personally speaking. They're usually super expensive to buy and also costly to maintain-not to mention all the effort required for keeping them clean. Plus, most backyard pools aren't big enough for a good workout or at least to swim proper laps in. I'll just stick with my gym membership for a while I think :) Now hot tubs on the other hand (or Whirlpools as some people call them in other countries), are another matter entirely!


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 30 minutes ago #9264704      

Have in mind that at least half of the students only know very basic English. The whole reason why this first year with these introductory subjects exist is to improve the level of English of those people.


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Nothing is Perfect 33 minutes ago #9264703      

I'm missing J, U and W.... and by the way: Ä, Ö, Ü, ß (should give away where I am from ;) ).


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 36 minutes ago #9264702      

@Bopnan *hugs* a whole class about "get"? o-o


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 38 minutes ago #9264701      

*hugs tighter*
Well... We had English all day long. First we had a general class about the verb "get" and all it's different uses and then, an hour after, we had regular classes where we worked with our activity book.

Surprise party 44 minutes ago #9264700      

@Puffin i so agreed with you D: people should be more criticize.
the media and political do anything to get the person look mad, like we don't know anything we where not there so we don't know the full story.
why eat all the information with out thinking, we can not believe everything they say.


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 45 minutes ago #9264699      

@Bopnan *hugs tight* oh.. cant you tell more even if its not worth mentioning?


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Topic: Fears 45 minutes ago #9264698      

The ocean is....pretty eerie to me...
And it's not just the ocean...
I've got issues with ANY body of water!
Even pools, but for different reasons that can be worked around... :XD:


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 49 minutes ago #9264697      

Well, my day wasn't something special at all. Just okay. Went to university, had a small breakfast, had classes and then I came back. Nothing happened at class that is worth mentioning and I barely did anything outside of that. Plus, my head hurt because of the heat.

Topic: Indonesia! 52 minutes ago #9264696      



Have a safe trip home 53 minutes ago #9264695      

i really want to go to Iceland but i don't know so much about Iceland, i would like if anyone could tell me which places are a "must go" and food that are " must try"

i'm planing to go to all the Scandinavia, i feel like i must do that since i live here, i want to see how different it is,i was in Denmark (this year but i don't really count that as i have been in Denmark, since i want to stay at least one or two week to say i have been here in Denmark )and Norway but i have no memory since i was a child,and i have never been i Finland but that will change soon. i'm gonna count Russia and Germany in here too x3 since those are the only country in EU that i want to visit.


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Topic: Indonesia! 57 minutes ago #9264694      


No, I think the ingredients exist everywhere throughout the country, but they just taste different, is all. Maybe they add too much of their own influence in the food, I don't know.


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Topic: What's on your mind 73 58 minutes ago #9264693      

No virus. I am not installing your weird program.
Do you think I am stupid?
Do I look stupid to you? :stare:


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 1 hour ago #9264692      

@Bopnan *cuddles* naah not really.. can you tell me about your day?

Topic: Indonesia! 1 hour ago #9264691      


Ah. That's interesting to know.

Do the best ingredients exist primarily in Surabaya['s island]?


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 1 hour ago #9264690      

Did it do any good?

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