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Topic: Your weird prejudices! 19 seconds ago #9211222      

Anyone who has supernatural beliefs are delusional and unintelligent.

Conservatives are stupid people who cannot tolerate progress.

BMW drivers are delinquents who do not know a good looking car.

Anyone who watches reality TV is stupid and has no taste.

Call of Duty players are idiotic teenagers who do not know what a good video game is.

People who listen to rap music are violent, sexist and homophobic morons.


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Topic: Welcome on board our ship! Elcano&Aamu. NSFW. III 41 seconds ago #9211221      

@Aamurusko #9211218
я прекра́сный, пытаясь ста́вить ракета в орбита. <3



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157 2 minutes ago #9211220      

if that diamond ring don't shine I'm gonna hire you a private eye.

I absolutely love this entry there is but one thing that bothers me about it though "He'd always say" is this truly PiLots reference to Zee Captain? I was under the impression that PiLot always perceived Captain to be female, he certainly seems to hyave in the past. Mayhaps Snippy hit him harder than I thought.


36 M
Topic: MH017 5 minutes ago #9211219      

@NewMunster #9211207
From what I could understand from the IAC report it was a controlled collision due to crew errors, for example, they did ignore TAWS warnings several times

Topic: Welcome on board our ship! Elcano&Aamu. NSFW. III 16 minutes ago #9211218      

Как ты? -)


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Topic: Mepsu Yearbook 2014 23 minutes ago #9211217      

She may have gotten them, but they aren't registered. I still see the number 1 next to my name.


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Topic: Mepsu Yearbook 2014 28 minutes ago #9211216      

Iateapenguin got those votes. She only missed the votes from serverbot's up to our days.


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Topic: Mepsu Yearbook 2014 29 minutes ago #9211215      

The count is still incorrect. It's more than 4 days ago I got those nominations.


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Topic: Mepsu Yearbook 2014 31 minutes ago #9211214      

4 days ago.
I recall the same thing for me.


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Topic: Welcome on board our ship! Elcano&Aamu. NSFW. III 33 minutes ago #9211213      

@Aamurusko #9211196
Good morning Aamu. : D


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Topic: Mepsu Yearbook 2014 34 minutes ago #9211212      

Which was when?. I recall getting at least five nominations within just one day.


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Topic: Your weird prejudices! 34 minutes ago #9211211      

You scare me now.


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Topic: Mepsu Yearbook 2014 37 minutes ago #9211210      

Those are after serverbot's vote. =)


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Topic: Ask Anything About Australia 38 minutes ago #9211209      

Oh yes. Especially Rugby. Netball is serious business as well. Apparently cricket is too, but for Australia it's more of an Australia vs England thing (see The Ashes).
We're rivals in almost everything. Sports, education, who invented the pavlova... (serious business, the pavlova)
It's a friendly rivalry though. Liken the situation to preschool age siblings and that's Australian-New Zealand relations in a nutshell.

Funny enough, when Australia is performing poorly in the Olympics, Australian newspapers like to put the medal tally as "Australia-New Zealand" and combine the medal tally of the two XD

Topic: Your weird prejudices! 38 minutes ago #9211208      

People who believe reversed racism and sexism exist in our society. I cannot take them seriously.

Topic: MH017 39 minutes ago #9211207      


I thought that was in 2011. And that was a result of poor pilot training and utter lack of any kinds of navigational aids whatsoever at the Russian military base where the aircraft was supposed to land.


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Topic: Videogame quotes 40 minutes ago #9211206      



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Topic: Mepsu Yearbook 2014 41 minutes ago #9211205      

Not a 100 % correct counting. The number of best oldfag nominations for me is way bigger than 2.


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Topic: Fart@France...Yes, it's a real thing. 43 minutes ago #9211204      

Hahah! Success then!



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155 44 minutes ago #9211203      

Do androids dream of electric puffins?

@homicidalhoney reflect a little on this only those who wish to instill terror in others accuse anyone of being a terrorist.

Topic: What's on your mind #64 48 minutes ago #9211202      

@AneriCanuk Poppycock. I just added the word for the sake of enjoyment. Well, for my enjoyment.


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Topic: Mepsu Yearbook 2014 50 minutes ago #9211201      


All the votes after serverbot so far:

Annoying but loved: Deadrama, Finn123 1, EnglishCheeseMan 1
Craziest member: Marbat, Fawley, Willowthecollie, Danmark, Aurinkolasit, Lavender 1, grotesQromance 1, Cakeofdoom 2, serverbot
Friendliest member: AmericanButterfly, SkyWolf, Meanwhile 2, flashninja 1, Mirka, Filipa 1
Gone but not forgotten: Dutchbag 2, RubenAndre 1, MagnificentOne
Liveliest Livechatter: Cakeofdoom 3, Meanwhile 1, SkyWolf 1, serverbot
Nominated most: Fawley, Deadrama 1
Resident alcoholic: Fawley, PatrikM13 2
Smartest Forum Peep: Rizzy423 2, Filipa
Best couple: Bopnan and ProudSwede 2, SkyWolf and Meanwhile 2, Deadrama and his orange dildo, Fawley and his hands 1, Marbat and Katherine, Natsue and Gladiatrex
Best linguist: Deadrama 2, Polarmundo 1
Best moderator: Impkat 1, Iateapenguin 1, Filipa 1, LouThunders 1
Best newfag: Filipa 2, bombfrompluto, Swedizh 2, Danmark 1, imaGecko, Number13
Best oldfag: EricTheRedAndWhite 2, AmeriCanuk, Dorena
Biggest flirt: Fawley, grotesQromance 4
Biggest foodie: Iateapenguin, ZoologyFTW 3, mewmewcupake 1
Biggest lurker: Mika_Tietokonen 2, observingalien15, AmeriCanuk, Mirka, bobmaster99
Biggest smartass: Finn123 1 , Deadrama 2
Most artistic: Impkat 1, devyn1, BeerGhost
Most curious: EnglishCheeseMan 1, MeddlingAmerican 3
Most likely to be arrested on TV: Fawley 2, Mirka 1
Most likely to become a ninja: Aurinkolasit, flashninja 5
Most likely to blow shit up: Marbat 3, bobmaster99 1, AmeriCanuk 1
Most likely to flee their country: AmeriCanuk, Meanwhile 1
Most likely to kill a guy: Willowthecollie 1, AmeriCanuk
Most patriotic: Katherine 2, Fawley, SkyWolf, EricTheRedAndWhite, Meelis13 1, Filipa
Most polite poster: Bopnan, Filipa 2, Danmark, Ghostsoul 1, Lavender 2
Most sophisticated: Ghostsoul 3, Februarymuffin 1
Most warned/banned: Collogod 1, zmate25 1, HardlyEver 1
Animal lover of the year: SkyWolf 2, Dorena 1
Brony of the year: SkyWolf, Finn123 3, BrotherEquestria
Nature lover of the year: Cakeofdoom 4, Aurinkolasit
Nicotine addict of the year: Deadrama 1, PatrikM13 1, America-sama
Rabid poster of the year: ProudSwede 3, EnglishCheeseMan
Selfie poster of the year: EnglishCheeseMan 5, Fawley
Troll of the year: Tashie 4, zmate25 2, RomaniaRules

Proof categories:

Best facial hair:
Bopnan 4
Deadling 5

Best eyes:
flashninja 1
SkyWolf 5
Meelis13 2

Best hair:
Iateapenguin 4
SkyWolf 6

Most likely to be a model:
Iateapenguin 1
Flashninja 1
Katherine 4
Aamurusko 4

Best voice:
LouThunders 3
Filipa 4
Meelis13 1

Topic: Everyone Wants to Be American 2.0 52 minutes ago #9211200      

@AmeriCanuk I am not even sure. But I am very wary of lightning, I cannot help it. Do not want to be outside then. Hopefully I will overcome it.

@Meelis13 It still makes sense.

@EricTheRedAndWhite Indeed.


20 M
Topic: Everyone Wants to Be American 2.0 1 hour ago #9211199      

do you mean that supposed "lightning tattoo"?

Topic: The First SATW P**n Meeting 1 hour ago #9211198      

We're waiting for you only! :stare:


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Topic: Your weird prejudices! 1 hour ago #9211197      

Anyone on personality cafe who uses the term 'Heavy Sensor' as an insult.
Anyone who thinks Intuitive/Sensor bias exists outside personality cafe/typology central.

Topic: Welcome on board our ship! Elcano&Aamu. NSFW. III 1 hour ago #9211196      

Детка? Доброго утра.


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Topic: Forumers who remind you of fictional characters. 1 hour ago #9211195      

@Filipa I watched both an episode of this and a few episodes of Watamote yesterday, though I do plan to watch more of both.



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150 1 hour ago #9211194      

seeing as brony is an amalgamation of the words brother and ponie I find it very difficult to accept in the feminine :/

193 2 hours ago #9211193      

AH! good point! didn't he mentioned a "swarm" that is to be sent? maybe this is a part of it

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