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Childhood Memories

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Childhood Memories

Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if I had said “yes.”

A memory from 5th grade.

3rd January 2011


3 years ago #8186219      

Ahhhhh, childhood, how i miss ye!

3 years ago #8185352      

I HAD to make an account and make a comment.

I was that blonde girl, except when I had asked if he liked me, he treated me like complete shit and made fun of me the whole year. The end. We were great friends, but shit happens.

3 years ago #8185242      

its situations like this that make the comics so life like

3 years ago #8184418      

I remember seeing a girl from my old elementary school at the library. I used to like her back in elementary school and would dream about being married. At the time, I was in the fifth grade, when I JUST changed schools from her. She tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned to see her smiling at me, I was so shocked that I just turned my head without saying anything or even waving hello. I said hello later on, but I think I either pissed her off or freaked her out because she just waved and turned her Wonder where she is now...six years later from that moment. What would've happened if I stayed at the same school?

3 years ago #8184416      

I love this art style so much more than your current one. It somehow seems more honest...
like you really care about it. I think it's how some of the shading isnt completely clean and the lighting looks better.and the texture.and the emotion.....

3 years ago #8184389      

When I first read this comic I'd never been faced with this situation. No one in my elementary liked me like that, and went 14 years never dating. I've been asked out three times in the past three years, the first two I said no. One of my best friends asked me this October, just after I turned 15 and I said yes. I'm still with her, and yes I am bisexual for I am female and yes that's why I chose the avatar I have. Now I do understand this on a more personal level than just knowing it's sad. It makes me feel very lucky to have such an amazing girlfriend when others are faced with such heartbreaking situations like this.
Yes I realise no one really cares, I just wanted to say that.

3 years ago #8183650      

.o. thts happend to me a lot guys are not the brightest

3 years ago #8183480      

Aww :(

3 years ago #8182941      

Sometime, somewhere, there's an alternate universe, where we are faced with these same situations. In those universes, you are a more confident self.
I think about that whole 'what if' thing a lot, can you tell?
Good comic, as per usual.

3 years ago #8182714      

I know how that feels...

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