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I've been making a checklist of stuff I NEED to bring to survive this trip to London. Sometimes finding all these little things that might inconvenience me overshadows the real purpose: To sell my comics.

I gotta make sure I leave enough room to pack my books!

6th May 2012


3 years ago #8333964      

rofl, Oh wow :O your almost as forgetfull as meeeee. Just dun pull a me....I forgot cloths for a vacation once....a vacation by myself....-.-'.

3 years ago #8330859      

OMG, I can't believe you would almost forget your books! :D

3 years ago #8327926      

To me, the watermark isn't that noticable. However, it also seems rather pointless. It would be really easy to cover up, especially since these comics tend to use basic colors. I often do some casual editing for my own enjoyment, and know that this kind of edit would be rather easy. So, while the "price" isn't that high, it may not really end up being that helpful. But, again, I don't mind, and if it makes you feel better... I would suggest perhaps moving it onto the side of the comic so it's not obscuring the main action.

3 years ago #8327816      

I've noticed the watermark before, but it's very unobtrusive and I don't feel it detracts from the comic at all. Also keep in mind that some people who repost comics don't give attribution (or even a link) to the artist, and signatures aren't always helpful for finding the origin of something (especially if the pics have been modified, such as lower quality, blurring, or deliberate erasure of such markings).

Now, as for lists... I always make sure to make a physical list for important things, such as a long trip. I also make sure to triple check it to make sure I have everything, but I've also found it doesn't do any good if I forgot to ever put the item on the list. D'oh!

3 years ago #8327801      

Lol that happens to me all the time.

Honestly, I didn't even notice the watermark until I read the comments. XD It's really not that big a deal.

3 years ago #8327282      

Andrew, I doubt your watermark will deter your detractors or reposters. I doubt people who parody your work will be held back by it. And I doubt it will stop reposters who think they're doing you a favor by reposting. It wil only annoy your readers. It's the webcomic version of ineffectual videogame copy protection; doesn't prevent theft, makes it harder for average everyday users.

Also, you could put a signature in like a newspaper comic just as easily.


28 M
Admin Moderator
3 years ago #8327168      

@captainsillies Well until people stop making parodies of my comics, or reposting them on sites without crediting me... sorry.

3 years ago #8327059      

The watermark on every single panel is really distracting dude.

3 years ago #8326819      

I wish I could see you at the London Expo! >3<

3 years ago #8326710      

I hope you have fun! :D
I MIGHT see you there, if I can drag someone else to come to expo with me.

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