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Artist Bubble

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Artist Bubble

I’ve noticed a common trait amongst popular artists/vloggers/internet celebrities, etc and that’s being relatively clueless to what’s going on around us. I call this the “artist’s bubble” as we tend to be so focused on making new content for our fans that pop cultural stuff, games, tv-shows, and news can sometimes leave us in the dust.

29th March 2012

1 year ago #8976878 are saying that a year ago you saw into the future to Myle Cyrus' special concert?


16 F
2 years ago #8454943      

I totally agree 100% on that.

2 years ago #8418005      

What are those monsters outside the bubble?

2 years ago #8378838      

Real life is full of crazy stupid people.
I much prefer fantasy land where I can be normal.
Because normal people and the real world are annoying.

2 years ago #8378309      

@NullObject I think its supposed to be making fun of real agoraphobics or something.

3 years ago #8300050      

Punchline: I can not cope with real life.

3 years ago #8284887      

NIce expression on the last panel.

3 years ago #8277373      

I never leave my bubble. It's not only an artist's bubble, it's also a personal bubble. People somehow tend to find their way in, though

3 years ago #8274816      

Stepping out in to the real world can be kind of scary after being so long in your artists' bubble... Good thing they are mobile! (Sometimes!) xD

3 years ago #8269690      

Not to mention the sunlight burns you... as do crosses and garlic

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