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A Harsh Lesson 05

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A Harsh Lesson 05

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30th September 2011

2 years ago #8396829      

How old do you think they are...Well actually if you just have the right skills and the right mindset then anything is possible but still I wishI had the skill to draw statues like that back in grade school, *cringing at the memories*

3 years ago #8185062      

Reminds me of my art teacher! He used to teach us this one! :)

3 years ago #8182515      

....I wish I had this kind of art class in highschool D:...

3 years ago #8182506      

I feel Doom should make a new appearance for this story arc.

3 years ago #8182500      

XD at least he's trying to be respectful.

3 years ago #8182499      

Is it wrong that I always give him a strong Scottish accent...?


28 F
3 years ago #8182498      

@Yurayura & @Adobson: I noticed the mole moved and my first thought was "Robin Hood: Men in Tights":

Sheriff of Rottingham: Wasn't your... didn't your mole used to be on the other side?
Prince John: I have a MOLE?

3 years ago #8182493      

@Yurayura29 Yeah that was a mistake I meant to correct when I was coloring...

and then forgot about. Oops. I'll probably fix it for the book...

3 years ago #8182488      

Am I the only one to notice his mole moved in the last panel...?

3 years ago #8182487      

bye dude it was nice knowing you

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